Hey, I didn’t die, I’m still here! Sadly.

I just needed to take a break from social media and blogging for my mental health. I hope you guys understand. I’m glad to be back though.

My mom finally scheduled an appointment with a therapist for me! Her name is Jen and she’s really nice. I like her a lot. It took her one meeting with me and she already can tell that I’m severely depressed. My mom still doesn’t really believe me but I guess she just got tired of me complaining to her. I’ve had 2 sessions with Jen so far.

I spoke with Jen and she helped me figure out a lot in just one session. I don’t have feelings for Alaska anymore and I’m so glad. She helped me see how Alaska is very toxic and is pulling me along like a dummy on a string. She didn’t say it in those words though, don’t worry. But I’m very thankful that I’ve figured this out.

I don’t know, blogging hasn’t seemed right for me lately. I never know what to write. But I’m trying, really I am.

I can’t wait for school to start. I love school and learning. I’ve never liked summer vacation. I get tired of it very fast.

I really want to get a boyfriend this year. I don’t know why. I want a relationship. I think I’m ready to try one again. I love nicely dressed guys. I love when they put themselves together in nice outfits and when they’re smart and like school and have nice hair and are clean shaven. I also love when they’re musical. That’s my ideal guy right there. There are barely any in my school though. It sucks. And guys just don’t like me. I’m ugly and annoying and obnoxious. Everyone kind of hates me.

I rode a horse named Cory for my trainer today. She wants me to start working with him a lot because he’s barely trained and very feisty. He was a nice ride but needs a lot of work. He’s basically a fireball and loves to jump and please, but he only has a foundation. He’s very different than Nicky, even though she’s also very green. So I guess he’s my project for a bit which is fun.

I’m going to Six Flags on Thursday with my friends! It’s gonna be very fun, I love roller coasters and all that shit. It’s so great. Penny’s coming too.

It’s my mom’s birthday on Wednesday. Yeah that’s all.

Anyways, how are you guys? That’s been my life for the past couple weeks.

Much love,



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