I love Bex TK so much. She’s my inspiration and she’s beautiful and an amazing actress and a wonderful wonderful human being. I love her with all my heart. She plays Audrey Jensen on MTV’s Scream btw. I want to marry her.

It’s currently 1:55 AM. My friends and I are going to Six Flags tomorrow. 2 nights ago I stayed up until 6:30 AM watching Scream. I couldn’t fall asleep, but hey I got to watch the sunrise which was pretty cool.

I cut really deep last night. I didn’t even feel it, it only felt like bliss. There’s no pain attached to cutting for me anymore. I’m so numb and used to it.

All of these LGBT accounts are liking one of my Instagram posts and I’m really confused on why. It’s just a post of me and my friend for her birthday and I posted it like 2 weeks ago. Weird. Maybe they know I’m super super gay for Bex TK. Or they know I’m just super gay in general.

I wanna chop all my hair off. Not like shave my head bc I could never pull that off but I want to cut it like a boy. No I’m not trans or anything like that but I need a change and I’ve been wanting boy hair for a while. A pixie cut is what I mean. I think they’re sexy on girls who can pull them off. Like Bex. Sorry not sorry.

I really love the all Spanish version of Despacito, the one without Justin Bieber. It’s so much better than the one with him. It’s so authentic and beautiful. Idk I can’t stop listening to it. I’m also really loving Dodie Clark and acoustic song covers lately.

My mom, Penny and I are taking a kayaking class on Sunday. It’s gonna be so dumb but maybe it’ll be fun. Penny leaves soon and it makes me really sad to think about.

I want a dog. A puppy more specifically.

My friend Hanna is “mad” at me bc I love Bex. She thinks that since she knew who she was first that “she’s mine”. But in reality I’m gonna marry Bex. She’s so perfect. Hanna can go fuck herself. Jk I love her but still… Bex is mine.

It was my moms birthday today and we went on a trail ride together. It was fun except we lowkey got lost and I started freaking out but we made it back okay.

I never have one specific thing to talk about in a post. It always just flows through my past couple of days. There’s just never anything so exciting to dedicate one post to.

I’m gonna go, I need sleep so I can be well rested for Six Flags.

Also I’m naming my daughter Audrey. PSA. Maybe Audrey Jane so she can be called AJ if she wants. Oh well, I mean I have time to think about it. Anyways.

Much love,

-Juliette Sorrano



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