I went roller skating today with my camp and it was really fun! Even though I sucked absolute ass and fell like 20 thousand times.

We went to this place that was probably an hour away and the whole bus ride we were blasting all kinds of songs, throwbacks and pop songs and romantic songs. Me and one of my best friends Adriana sat together and we were fantasizing about these two boys in our group and how we think they’re gay and dating each other or they like each other. They really act like they’re dating. For example, they’re really touchy feely. They are always touching one another in some sort of way (not that way get your mind out of the gutter). They were holding hands at the aquarium 2 weeks ago and when one of them fell while skating today the other one grabbed his waist to make sure he didn’t fall. They’re so cute I really hope they’re secretly in love. Me and Adriana are writing a fanfiction about them. Okay that sounds really creepy but ya know we’re not the most normal people out there.

So you see the thing is that since I’m so single and always will be I fantasize about my friends being together.

But there was a really cute girl working at the roller rink. She was shorter than me and had short hair and a nose piercing and was just really cute! She was probably like 16 or 17. Too bad I may not ever see her again. I’m so gay wtf.

So I’m lactose intolerant and have like a huge dairy issue apparently. It’s been happening for the past few months. My dad is also lactose intolerant. Whenever I eat some sort of dairy I get sick and can’t leave the bathroom. I get terrible stomach aches to the point where I can’t even move. TMI? I think so. It sucks though I love ice cream and milk and cream cheese and butter. But it’s not worth feeling really sick and terrible afterwards.

I’m basically a vegan now because I barely eat meat.

I want to be on Broadway in the future. It’s always been a pipe dream of mine but I actually really want it to come true. Performing is my life. But it’s probably impossible.

You know what else is impossible? Me being straight.

I’ve been having a good past couple of days minus the whole dairy thing. Just thought I’d share.

How have you guys been?

-Juliette S


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